quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2018

Against violence in Brazil. Save Lula

In defence of Lula, of democracy and against violence in Brazil

We are outraged and extremely worried by the news that former President Lula's political convoy suffered a criminal attack, including gunshots, yesterday in the State of Paraná after a week of violent hostilities by fascist groups against participants in his convoy in the south of Brazil, without proper response by the police authorities.

This extremely serious episode comes after an escalation of attacks on democracy in the country: ranging from the systematic sabotage after the 2014 presidential election, to the parliamentary coup d’état that deposed the elected president Dilma Rousseff in 2016, the attack on social programs and the fundamental rights of workers, the deterioration of the economy resulting in thirteen million unemployed people, to the intensification of the practice of lawfare against former President Lula by sectors of the country's judiciary, which is seeking to prosecute and condemn him without any evidence.

The international trade union movement has recognized, in many opportunities, the important contribution, which extended beyond Brazil, made by the governments of President Lula in creating an international paradigm of economic growth with social inclusion through the generation of employment and income for millions of Brazilians, combining national sovereignty and international solidarity.

In the same way, in recent years, we condemned the 2016 coup d'état, perpetrated on behalf of interest groups and resulting in the loss of national patrimony and serious deterioration of social and workers' rights.

Therefore, we stand in full solidarity with former President Lula and the hundreds of thousands of people, who have participated in the various democratic and peaceful demonstrations in support of him throughout the country, and especially in the most recent ones in the south of the country.

We defend his constitutional right to prove his innocence by appealing the absurd convictions by politicized sectors of the lower courts, as well as to uphold his constitutional right to free movement, to speak out freely and to run for the next presidential election.

We call on the Brazilian authorities to rigorously investigate and punish the perpetrators of these criminal attacks against the lives of the participants of former President Lula's convoy, and to ensure normalcy and peace in the exercise of the political process, so that Brazil can resume a democratic coexistence

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